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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Blog Hop with Smooth Foam

Hi ladies,

I hope you all are doing fine...!!! This time The Robin's Nest company is cross promoting with the Smoothfoam company with a theme that makes us all crafters go crazy and thinking about new ideas as soon as we know is the time!

You will be wondering what will be???, well, nothing less that Chritsmas in July! The main idea is turn a piece of smoothfoam into a Chritsmas project.

If you want t for o know more details I recommend you to pass to their blog.

And for what we are here, my project of Chritsmas in July, I made a Countdown Chritsmas diary sort of...

Well lets start from the beginning, this was my main piece of smoothfoam.

And I transform it into this

Thew main idea of this project was to create a countdown board - chritsmas diary - advent calendar, you may be wondering why so many things in just one project, well, I love to have a chritsmas diary where I record all the days of our christmas, but it also comes that I want to start the tradition of the advent calendar in my home, which is difficult since we didn't grow up with the tradition, and I love the idea to count the days left for chritsmas eve!

Anyway, I made sure I could manage this project to be as flexible as our chritsmas, so I will not feel intimidated if I didn't fill in a day or a few, or if I couldn't make one of the activities but I'll still enjoy the countdown no matter what!

I love what it became, something flexible without waste. 

First I cut this rectangle inside my smoothfoam sheet, I save the block for later... ;-)

I decorated the block using the gorgeous papers of the Robin's Nest, the main paper I've use is Red Snowflake Cardstock, you may not notice the snowflakes since this wonderful paper is double sides and I like for my backgrounds something soft and calm this paper gave it to me. I did use the snowflakes to decorate the sides of the sheets of smoothfoam. 

After that I dedicate to cut letters with the Hunter Green with Gold Glitter Cardstock.

Later I focused on my block left from the cutting, I divided in two pieces and I covered with the Gold Glitter Paisley Cardstock to make a stand for my countdown calendar.

the rest was easy, cutting down 26 pieces of cardstock, decorate them add some pockets for tags which will work as good for a family activity or for put a picture of our family adventures day.

and thats it! I hope you enjoyed and see you next time!



RobinsNestOcrowley said...

I love it Daluiska! Great project and colors too!

Peggie Sue @ Maxx and Boo said...

This is a GREAT project - I'll have to give it a try!

Tracy F said...

Love all the gold! Very pretty!

Susan M. Brown {sbartist} said...

Excellent project idea! This will make great gifts for this year. Who doesn't love a countdown calendar... oooh this would be great in a Halloween make too ")

Colleen said...

Wonderful idea, love the papers.

jcobb said...

A lovely and wonderful idea!

Beeceecreativity said...

super cute.. great count down to xmas project

talkis23 said...

wow love it. TFS

Shelly K. Hein-Simmons said...

Terrific idea and beautifully executed!

Unknown said...

Love the idea of a count down the days to Christmas. So creative and beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration.

LidiaZuniReds said...

Beautiful Work!
You really make a special work thanks for share