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Friday, May 8, 2015

DT Call The Robin's nest

Hi ladies!

How are we doing today???

Well, I'm doing just fine... I'm very happy I can dedicate to my hobby again and have some free time around me..

Today's post is all about...

This post is one of the requests of "The Robin's Nest" Blog for the DT call, yes that's right, I'm applying to be DT in their blog/company, they have some gorgeous paper collections and SOME chipboard among other really really beautiful things to craft with, I know, but is not just chipboard IT IS THE.CHIPBOARD., I'm so crazy about chipboard! All I think about is chipboard and paper, crazy uh? Anyway, the idea of this post is that I have to share a project here and they will take a look and evaluate if I match with their style, is all about that, the first click! the spark, the chemistry, it doesn't matter the name you give, the thing is that without that tiny ingredient you can not make an amazing group, we all know that.

So here I'm showing one side of me, may be other side, at the end I just want to do my best.

The tutorial that you are about to see is very very simple, almost stupid simple, the main "Ingredients" are chipboard and paper, and when I made this project the only thing I couldn't stop thinking was, I need a SAFE place to put my Layouts while I finish them, even do I'm not a layout person, I try to do my best, before living in the USA I used to live in The Frog country The Netherlands, that's how they call theirs their country... Anyway, because of this I always needed a SAFE place to put my layouts but I was never able to find something to fit my needs, I mean I never found something where I could even store my 12 x 12 paper, so I decides to create my own stationary Layout box.

Here it comes!
I hope you like...


You will need:

2 Chipboard pages of 12" x 12"
12 stripes of cardstock of 12" x 1 1/2" with a fold at 3/4"
Design Paper (of your favorite collection, of course)

And this is how we do it.

1.- Cut the chipboard in this peaces

        a.-  1 piece of 9” x 12”
        b.-  2 pieces of 3” x 9”
        c.-  1 piece of 3” x 12”
        d.-  1 piece of 5” x 12”

2.- Lets take the pieces of 9" x 3" and we are going to cut the outside corners. For this we'll take into consideration the size of the piece of 12" x 5" (taking 5" as height)

3.- We cut and fold all the pieces of 1 1/2" x 12".

4.- Now we are going to attach this stripes to our chipboard so we can unify the pieces. 

5.- This part is very personal and it depends of course of which chipboard are you using. The idea is to cover every single border with this stripes and in addition cover with card stock the bottom part and the back front. 

6.- Now for me is time to decorate con DP all the inside of the box, just because when we glue it all together it becomes just more difficult to put the paper just right.

7.- After this done, we will have to glue together the back with the bottom. 

8.- Now here it comes the tricky part, the sides, well tricky because, if we don't glue them good, it means that our layouts will never fit in there, so we have to make sure we are gluing them from the outside part. I hope you can understand me, otherwise I'll be happy to help if you leave a mssg here.

9.- After that bit of stress, we are going to glue the front part.

10.- Now is just matter of decoration. I did it pretty simple just because I'll be using it very very much. 

I hope you enjoyed my project, hope this will not be the last, though is my first in english... Yey!!! 

Take care

PS, si hablas español, y te interesa este tuto, llegate a la parte superior del blog en donde estan las banderas de cada idioma disponible, quizas no perfecto, pero oye, seguro que si me doy a entender, y si tienes preguntas, no dudes en escribirme y estare encantada de contestarte! 



Terri Sproul said...

great direction for your project, thanks for sharing, and thanks for your interest in being a part of the Robin Nest DT

dana elorza ramirez said...

esta hermoso

frezja said...

great project :) nice to meet you :)